This site is dedicated to providing links to resources intended to support individuals, families and businesses seeking information and/or resources provided federally, provincially and locally. The resources presented have been gathered from Government of Canada, Provincial/Territorial or Community/Municipal approved sites or provided content.

The site was built and is maintained and supported through AMPED2PLAY Inc., a small business based in Cochrane, Alberta. We recognize that a vast number of for-profit and non-profit organizations have been detrimentally impacted by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, as our business is also facing. Our business is based in a smaller community, but we are an international company, and at a personal level, our co-founders have linkages across Canada, the United States and internationally.

We see the efforts that Canada and Canadians are making to prevent the spread of the virus and support Canadians who have been severely impacted. We wanted to be relevant as both a small business and, at a personal level, as Albertans and Canadians. We determined that creating a simple resource site that allows people to have a consolidated location from which to find resources in their own community will help them through these difficult times.

We have started with the Town of Cochrane and Area, but expect to expand the site as suggestions and valid resource contacts are sourced or provided to us. Some of the resources are free, while others are cost based. We hope that the site becomes a growing central hub of information that can assist Canadians across the country.

We have focused on resources based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, as we felt this represents the areas people are dealing with in real time.


Essentially, we are providing information that reflects what people need now:

  • Food and Water
  • Shelter and Housing (temporary and permanent) 
  • Personal Safety and Protection  (victim services)
  • Employment
  • Financial Assistance
  • Parent Resources
  • Mental Health and Wellness 
  • Movement and Wellness (recreation and leisure)
  • Self-Care in Isolation
  • Personal Health Care ( pain Management, homecare, accident etc.)
  • End of Life Care (respite, palliative care questions)
  • Household Maintenance (walks shoveled, plumbing, electrical emergencies)
  • Social Connection
  • Motivation and Purpose (safe volunteer opportunities)

Then above resources are offered under one of four tabs that include:

  • Community / Municipal
  • Small Business / Non-Profit
  • Provincial Government 
  • Government of Canada

In building this site, we started with our community of the Town of Cochrane. If you would like your community or municipality to be added to the site, we will add a pull-down for the location and province and add the resource information that is provided to us. You can contact us at covid19resources@amped2play.com.

We have also added a tab for “Small Business and Non-Profit" offerings. We would like small business and non-profits to highlight what COVID-19 support resources (free or at cost) they provide. To have your business or non-profit linked to this site please email: covid19resources@amped2play.com.

The site will remain active as long as there appears to be a defined need for such resource information, especially during the isolation window we are now required to adhere to, as mandated by our Federal and Provincial Health Departments.

I hope you find this a beneficial tool, and we thank you for supporting us in giving back to our community and country, and in finding creative ways in which to ensure we can keep our small staff employed and engaged during these complex times.

Should you have questions about the site, please contact covid19resources@amped2play.com. We will respond to questions and requests as quickly as we can. AMPED2PLAY has created this site to provide a central point of information, and does not speak on behalf of any of the resources provided, nor does AMPED2PLAY stand to gain from any of these resource offerings, aside from the ability to list AMPED2PLAY’s own resource offering.

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